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Ultra-broadband enhances the lives of everyone it reaches. With our extensive portfolio of fixed network services and solutions spanning copper, cable, fiber and wireless technologies, you can bring ultra-broadband services to more people, more quickly, at the right cost for your business.

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We are the innovation leader in every established and emerging fixed access technology, whether enabling gigabit broadband speeds over ordinary copper telephone lines, powering the world’s first 10 gigabit fiber communities, or developing advanced CPE that realize the potential of the smart home. 

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Our end-to-end solutions, professional services, consulting, maintenance and support services reduce risk and accelerate deployments, giving our customers the confidence to adopt new technologies, enter new markets, and extend the performance of their existing networks.


夜夜嚕2017最新在线Nokia Fixed Networks solutions are used in the largest, fastest and most advanced fixed broadband networks in the world and we are the only equipment vendor with a leading market position in every region.

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